DWP Contact Number – 0843 487 1819

DWP Contact NumberIf you or someone close to you is looking for advice and information on financial services and welfare offered by the state, you should contact the DWP contact number. Their helpful staff are always willing to do their utmost to provide assistance.


The DWP or the Department of work and Pensions offers information related to different kinds of groups of people. For instance, it offers information on allowances for those who are currently unemployed and are in the process of looking for work. Additionally, it provides information related to child maintenance, housing benefits, pension and support for people with disabilities. Accordingly, if you fall into any one of those groups, you can call the DWP helpline number. It is also worth noting that there is a service for people who care for disabled people. If you take care of a disabled child or relative, you can call the DWP contact number for details about welfare for the disabled child and allowances for you the care giver. There will be someone at the other end of the line to answer your questions. Usually, you can get all the information you need over the phone. However, sometimes the information can be sent to you in the form a leaflet. This means you may be asked for your physical address when you call the DWP phone number.

DWP contact numberCustomer Support

If you are already receiving money from the state say for disability or as disability person but there has been a change in your existing financial situation. For example, if you got a job, it is important that you call the DWP phone number. There will be a customer representative at the other end of the line to give advice on what you should do. If you are asked to provide personal details for example your physical location or mailing address when you call the DWP phone number, it is important that you do so. This will enable them to serve you better.

Calling the DWP Offices

When calling the DWP contact number, it is important to note that you can get through to different departments at different times. For example, the job centre and state pension service departments are open daily from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6pm. On the other hand, the child support agency is open from 8 am to 8pm from Monday to Friday. It is also open on Saturday from 9am to 5pm. In order to get the assistance that you need, it is important that you use the correct DWP contact number.