DWP Contact Guide – 0843 487 1819

DWPcontactnumber.co.ukThe DWP (Department for Work & Pensions) is the UK’s largest government department, specialising in welfare and retirement policies – the DWP comprises four departments including Jobcentre Plus, The Pension Service, Disability and Carers Service, and The Child Maintenance Group. Annual budgets for the DWP amount to one of the greatest shares of national wealth, serving around 20 million people – in fact, 2012 figures were said to exceed £150 billion.

Gather the information you require by calling or clicking online

To establish what the DWP can do for you, please call the contact number provided – where you will have the opportunity to discuss your individual circumstances with a knowledgeable advisor, alternatively you’ll find a wealth of online information at www.dwp.gov.uk

User-friendly DWP information – at-a-glance

Everyone’s situation is unique in terms of age, employment, physical ability and responsibility – therefore, many people contact the DWP for a range of reasons. Whatever your enquiry is we understand that you want it dealt with efficiently. In order to speed the process we have compiled a host of useful information – designed to give an insight into regularly raised issues.

Disability Living Allowance – proposed changes

If you are aged between 16 and 64, and are currently in receipt of DLA (Disability Living Allowance) changes are in progress, designed to replace today’s system with PIP (Personal Independence Payment) – however a full transition isn’t expected before 2015. The DWP has an online PIP checker designed to inform claimants about specific criteria – but, if you’d prefer to discuss your situation please call the phone number provided. Please note, it is suggested that children under the age of 16 will still qualify for DLA.

Carers Allowance – eligibility and effects on other benefits

Did you now that claiming Carers Allowance does not require you to be related to the person you are caring for and you do not have to reside in the same property? However, you must be aged over 16 years old and you must allocate at least 35 hours a week purely to caring for that person. Please note that Carers Allowance is taxable and may affect other benefits you are in receipt of, for example you could be eligible for income-related benefit and if receiving Universal Credit you might find that payments such as housing benefit might possibly decrease.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns online – your step-by-step guide

Completing your self-assessment tax returns online is designed to be convenient and time-efficient, however we have created a user-friendly guide aimed to make the process even easier:

  • Self-assessment tax returns can be completed online or by using commercially available software
  • The next step is to create an online HMRC account using your 10-digit UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) number – this is allocated when you register for ‘self-assessment’.
  • The tax year ends on 5th April and those needing to complete tax returns for that 12 month period have stringent deadlines to adhere to, including:
  1. Registration for Self-Assessment – 5th Oct
  2. Paper Tax Returns – Midnight 31st Oct
  3. Online Tax Returns – Midnight 31st Jan
  4. Final Tax Payments – Midnight 31st Jan (following year)
  • It is beneficial to note that there are exceptions to these deadlines when paying tax through your tax code – details of which can be found online or by dialling the DWP contact number.

Changes in your circumstances can affect the amount of benefit you receive

The DWP request that you inform them of any changes in your personal circumstances – such changes could include the number of hours you work, whether or not you are living with a partner, any rise or decrease in wages or how many children you have (under the age of 16).

It is advisable to call the DWP between the hours of 8am and 11am on a Monday to Friday, although lines are open from 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday and from 8am until 4pm on a Saturday.

dwp-contact-number-guideJobseekers Allowance – eligibility and process

Eligibility: The basic rules of JSA eligibility are that, you must be over 18 yet under state pension age, you should be able and available to work, you can’t be in full-time education or have in excess of £16000 in savings.

Of course there are additional aspects to consider such as rules applying to lone parents or if in a relationship, the number of hours your partner works per week.

How to claim: Application for JSA can be conducted online or by visiting your local jobcentre – whichever you choose, it is still essential to attend an initial jobseekers interview and sign relevant documentation (& provide evidence of searching for employment) every 2 weeks, again at your local jobcentre.

If you are unsure about any aspect of the Jobseeker Allowance process it is possible to contact your jobcentre between the hours of 8am and 6pm on a Monday to Friday.